Studi0  M

• To instill dance technique for all ages, in order to experience creative movement.

• To teach students to think out of the box, and encourage self-expression through dance.

• To encourage self-worth, and confidence, by  providing an environment that is free of stress, and a safe place to explore creativity without judgement.

 • to reinforce the importance of kindness, compassion, and encouragement towards others.

•To improve self-esteem through performance, but at the same time to teach humility.

• Finally, (although in a structured environment), to help students have fun, while learning the art that is dance. 


Upcoming Events

  • Studio M spring show "Luna"
    May 29, 6:00 PM
    Dallas, 1925 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201, USA
    Don't miss this show! It takes place at the famous Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas! Sunday, may 29th. From our fabulous Ballet production, "Hamilton", to our "Elton John" finale, this show is entertaining from beginning till end. N
Fall 2022 registration begins online june 1st!
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Studio M has a resume and credits unlike any other studio. This is what sets us apart from all others. We know what it takes to produce dancers for the professional world. Our training follows that path. Unlike other local studios, although we do compete, our focus is not just on local competition, trophies, and "dance teams". We train our students for the "real dance world". We want individuals who stand out, not blend in. True artists are not like anyone else. We push to find the individuality within each student. It is a rare gift when a performer discovers what makes them unique, and when they discover how to express that "uniqueness". That is what we do. We teach dancers to be "AUTHENTIC".

We pride ourselves on keeping a "drama free" environment. We have dancers at all levels, and in all stages. Whether a beginner, or on a company tract, all are treated equally and are provided an environment of positive learning. They say "It takes a village", and we are very proud to say that for many years we have been a small part of that village to help produce amazing young people.

Humility and character are everything.


 Robin Chapman Mack is the owner, director, and choreographer for Studio M. Founded in 2006, Studio M has established itself as the premier studio in not only Rockwall, and the surrounding areas, but also in the Dallas/Ft. Worth. Having taught for over 33 years for her aunt Kitty, at Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory in Dallas, Texas, Robin gained the knowledge and experience, needed to branch out  on her own, and open Studio M.

Robin, since the age of two and a half, grew up under the instruction of her aunt Kitty, training, performing, and competing until the age of eighteen, when Robin began teaching classes of her own.  At the age of twenty, Robin was selected to go on a six week dance tour across the United States, in which she had the chance to study with and be mentored by such greats as Thommie Walsh who originated the role of “Bobby” in the original “A chorus Line” on Broadway, and Scott Benson, who was in the Michael Jackson video “Smooth Criminal”, just to name one of his many credits.

Thirty plus years later, her students have resumes which span the globe, from dancing for Britney Spears, Janet Jackson's world tours, to Pepsi and I-Pod commercials. Former students include The Julliard School graduates, to broadway performers, in shows such as “Wicked”, Elton John’s “Aida”, "Jersey Boys" and "Radio City Rockettes".  Robin's former students have now choreographed tours for "Pink", and "Katy Perry", the "Spice Girls,  "Celine Dion", "Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance", and "Dancing With The Stars", and  the "Super Bowl", just to name a few.

Robin's oldest daughter, Rumer Noel, is a professional dancer in Los Angeles as well, who can be seen in the "Chainsmokers" video "Don't Let Me Down", was on several episodes of Season 6 of the lifetime show "Dance Moms", has performed with Katy Perry on the "American Music Awards", performed on the Nickelodeon "Teen Choice Awards", and has danced on tour (which she choreographed) with Mackenzie Ziegler (from the show "Dance Moms)" and Johnny Orlando, which is only a small part of her resume. 


Studio M students regularly perform for the "Dallas Cowboys" Thanksgiving and Halloween halftime shows, and compete at local and national competitions on a regular basis.

Robin’s style is edgy, and innovative, with an emphasis on being unique, while at the same time being age-appropriate for her students.  Her classes are energetic, and fun, while maintaining structured, and challenging.  She believes in showing  respect for your teacher, and fellow classmates, at all times, in order to enjoy the process.  Whether a beginner, or an advanced student, Robin enjoys teaching each and every one.  “Every child has strengths, every child has weaknesses, I help them to balance both, in order to grow as a  dancer, and performer.”

Robin Mack is a Rockwall, Texas resident , mother of Rumer Noel, Zander Mack, age 20, and Willa Mack, age 18.


Ballet- (age 6+)

the technical foundation of all dance. It inspires grace, proper posture and body alignment, and gives the body a basic muscle memory, to ensure

correct and fluid movement. All ballet classes will be leveled from 1-4 based on technical level and best learning environment of each individual dancer. This class is a must for students serious about dance training. Required for all lyrical classes. Encouraged for all forms of dance.

Jazz-(age 6+)

A fast paced class which contains any combination of
the following... warm-up technique, stretching, strength moves, and center-floor barre. It contains traditional jazz elements, with hints of hip-hop moves, and sometimes lyrical jazz. Turns, jumps and leaps are a big part of technique across the floor. A traditional favorite...

Hip-Hop- (age 6+)

originating from urban “street-style” dance, hip-hop has been a mainstay in the world of dance for over four decades. It is the main form of dance seen

in today’s music videos, and performances. It contains a warm-up, with abdominal work, and center-floor isolations. The focus is on rhythm, and accents of beats in the music, and contains a mixture of styles from the ever- changing trends of street dance, and elements of basic jazz. A high energy class!

Lyrical/Contemporary-(ages 11+)

this class has a combination of ballet and modern dance technique, combined with elements of jazz. The warm-up is based on Graham technique, as well as the center and across the floor exercises. It is a slower paced, very physical class which expresses much emotion through movement, and requires a certain level of maturity, and ballet technique. For this reason, age is a factor, and generally, you must be eleven years of age to attend this class. This is the most abstract and creative of all subjects, as lyrical/contemporary dance is the dance of interpretation, and really gives the students a creative outlet. The younger ones really look forward to taking!

Modern- (age 9+)

this class is widely taught in all major university dance programs. This class incorporates diverse elements, including Native American, African/tribal and modern jazz movement. The dance technique emphasis a whole-body approach including flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness, to allow freedom of expression.


Tap- (age 6+)

has been around throughout the decades, ever-changing, and still a lot of fun! It contains the traditional barre, and center-floor warm-up based on rhythmic

techniques. Tap teaches rhythm, coordination, and uses the feet to show tempo, and accents in music.

Preschool combo- (ages 3-5)

It is a great way to introduce dance to younger ones. The emphasis is on learning basic coordination, skipping, and ballet positions, following instructions, and learning how to take a dance class. Each preschool class  is 45 minutes, and learns the basics of ballet, and tap, and will perform in two different routines in the spring show. A great way to get them started...a fun group to teach!- (ages 6+)

this is a dance based class geared towards improving a dancers flexibility, and strength, including the core. This is an amazing class to add to any dancers program.

Leaps and Turns- this is a drillteam prep class which focuses on flexibility, strength, leaps, and turn combinations which are usually required in most drill team programs. This is a great class on its own, or to add to your regular dance program. It will teach skills not found in other classes.

Studio M Barre- (age 11 to adults)

we were the first to offer this class in Rockwall. It is an amazing strength and toning class, originating from a ballet dancer. It is based on the usage of a ballet barre. It is combined with stretching to help balance the body. It is an amazing workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. These are drop in classes , with the use of purchased class cards. For schedules and other great nutrition and motivational info., go to


Workshops- Studio M strives to bring in the best guest master teachers to do occasional weekend workshops. These classes are designed to enhance their usual

training, and to expose dancers to different teachers, and different styles.The goal is to produce the most well rounded dancers they can be! The workshops also push memory retention, and help the kids learn to pick up choreography faster. These will be offered from ages 8 to adult!


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316 South Goliad Suite #105

Rockwall, Texas 75087

Tel: 214-771-3161

regular class HOURS:

Mon -thurs: 4pm - 10pm

office hours:

mon and tue 4:30pm-8pm​​

Saturday and sunday: closed

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"Even at a young age Robin had more talent than kids five and six years her elder. Always a stand-out and definitely knew how to " Bring It" during performances. The many great experiences, such as assisting the infamous Tommy Walsh(A Chorus Line) all summer on Dance Caravan, studies in L. A./ New York and competing at a national level all attribute to the well earned Choreography Awards, outstanding costumes, Best of Show and many other acculades that say..... WOW when you talk about Robin! 
She is always on the forefront of COOL with her unique hip-hop style, her edgy lyrical's and big jazz productions. How lucky is Rockwall to have such a Huge talent in their own backyard to help young dancers reach their rock star dreams. 
How proud I am to have Robin as part of my legacy."


Kitty Chapman Carter - 40 years (owner/director) Kitty Carter's Dance Factory

"Robin Mack has been one of my mentor's since I was 15. She is passionate about movement, innovation, and creating an aesthetic with her work that profoundly impacts her dancers and audience. Her love for dance is evident in her classroom!"


Nick Florez, former dancer for Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, choreographer for Katy Perry, Pink So you Think You Can Dance, and Dancing With the Stars


"Robin Mack is a phenomenal dance teacher and choreographer. She can go head to head with the best known choreographers in New York and L.A., but lucky for us she stays here in Texas...producing some amazing dancers and choreography."


Carrie Teller, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader '92 -'95